How To Monetize Pinterest

Pinterest is now starting to make some pretty big waves in terms of social media so I made this quick 5 minute video on “How To Monetize Pinterest“. For sure Pinterest has a long way to go to catch up with Facebook as FB nears it’s one billionth user. Pinterest is still to reach 50 million users (last I heard – July 2012), but Pinterest seems more friendly to online marketers.

And, if you are subtle about how you monetize Pinterest can be an excellent source of added revenue for your online business.

So, enjoy this 5 minute video, and…yes I totally cocked-up the sizing when I filmed it – sorry. I do need to re-record and I will, but I felt it was important to get the information out to you. And, I guess it illustrates a point for the aspiring online marketer. Just do it – sometimes it will go wrong but doing something “not quite right” is better than doing nothing at all!


Fast Tube by Casper

Have fun!