How To Find Content For Your Website

How To Find Content For Your Site

Indeed, and lots of it. I was having a trawl through the YouTube channel today and I remembered I did this video a long, long time ago about some of the amazing places you can go to find content on the Internet.

Now if you use this stuff you have two options. Firstly write your own take and experience on the subject – so use your own words, video or whatever, but make it unique, or…curate it. I have written other articles on the site about content curation so you can check that our separately.

Not A Quality Video!

Anyway, this video didn’t get posted onto the new site here, so I am putting that right…right now. Here it is, enjoy all these wonderful sources of content (and please excuse the poor presentation – as I say, it was a while ago – but the content is brilliant).

Update 2014 – the latest Google algorithm update is now even hotter in duplicate and spam content. You simply MUST have unique content on your site…and lots of it. As a rough guideline, a page of text should contain around 400 words to satisfy Big G’s quality test. O.K, I know this page doesn;t have 400 words, but it has a decent video on it as well. That probably means they find this page borderline in terms of quality of content.

I’ll be posting some more on the algorithm updates soon.