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plr wholesaler free plrFree PLR or Private Label Rights to give them their proper name is a really quick and easy way to build products to sell online. You can’t even conceive the amount of niche markets that people online sell in to!

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Along with this incredible proliferation of niche sites, we have seen a comensurate increase in the amount of PLR products being sold to keep up with demand. A simple Google search for “niche + plr” or “keyword + plr” will reveal who whole plethora of sites and products you can buy to base your own product on! Do a general search for PLR products and your will get pages of results on every subject matter imaginable. You really won’t have to look too far!

But what is a “PLR Product”?

Quite simply, PLR is content (of any media format, so eBook, Video, Audio, MP3, DVD, CD) that you buy from the original author with their permission to use it as your own. This means you are allowed to claim yourself as the author and make any amendments od additions you like. Given these conditions, I’m sure you can see how quickly you can have a product or ethical bribe ready to go and use in your business. This is why Private Label Rights are so popular!

The One Downside With PLR

In fact, you can use these products in absolutely any way you see fit. As I said you can claim to be the author, or you could perhaps split it up into an autoresponder series. You can add to it, amend it, combine it with other content, create an audio, video or a DVD product from it… the sky’s the limit! Now it has to be pointed out that most these types of products are on sale for the long term and there is no restriction on the number of products sold. Therefore it is possible that someone else could be selling exactly the same product as you – not good! So, the more creative you are in customizing your product, clearly the more unique your offering will be and therefore you can differentiate.

However, if you’re involved in developing products for Online Marketing I’m sure you will be aware of just how much valuable time utlizing a PLR product as the basis for your new info product can save you. I have saved countless months of “hard slog” by using these as a base for my own information products.

PLR Wholesaler – Free PLR Products

I have spent many long hours scouring the Internet for the best PLR Products. One of the best sources I have found that is not only wide and varied covering hundreds of niche subjects…it’s also free is PLR Wholesaler by Gabor Olah!

Gabor Olah is an established Internet Entrepreneur, and I have had direct dealings with him – he’s a genuinely good Guy – there aren’t many about in the world of Internet Marketing these days. The free product has hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) of different products that you can download for free. You can upgrade to a paid for package (which is $97) to get your hands on some real quality products, but the free stuff is good and I have used it many times.

If for nothing else you might as well get a free PLR Wholesaler account by Clicking HERE!

There is no doubt that this is a truly great way to get lots of great content and/or products for your business. It’s affordable, easily accessible and flexible. Whether you need content for your blog or want to create a complete product line, Free PLR provides a very useful content development weapon in your arsenal!

So to sum up, with PLR you can:-

  • Change the content in any way you want, add, subtract, amend or even completey re-write! The more unique you make it the better though!
  • You can add yourself as the author of the work!
  • As soon as you have completed the purchase of the product you are the owner with full rights over the entire product and how you market it.
  • In many cases you will also get a fully working (HTML) website, with graphics and in some cases you even get a pre-written sales letter although some of them are not brilliant.

Do have a look at PLR Wholesaler and see if there are some free PLR Products that can help you build content for use in your business.

Remember there is an upgrade to paid membership as well. There are some really very good products in the paid area, I wish I knew where Gabor gets them from, and…there are products that I have personally used and made money with. I can’t give a better recommendation than that!



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