Facebook Pay To Promote

Interesting – Facebook Pay To Promote is here. No big fanfare (well I don’t suppose they really want to publicise that it’s going to cost you) and aimed at business Timeline users…it’s time to pay up if you want your posts to be seen by all your “likers”.

Oh, sorry, you thought that everyone who liked your fan page got to see all of your timeline posts. Silly you! Watch this video for hard evidence that is not the case and even if you pay you still won’t necessarily get seen by all your likers.

The question is…does Facebook have enough critical mass to make this stick? The answer probably, and it’s like Adwords was at the beginning. Some will use it and do well, others will follow and we’ll end up with pay to promote costing an awful lot. Well I suppose FB has shareholders to keep happy now!

Anyway, here’s the video, it’s only just over 2 minutes, but if you market on Facebook, you need to know this!

Fast Tube by Casper

Now, should I post this on my Facebook timeline? Comments please :>)

Cheers now