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Increase Your EMail Response Rates By 47%!

email copy clinic email marketingSince Lee and I pulled away from the “IM How To” market three years ago, I have come to realize “big time” that most of the “Guru’s” are peddling re-hashed crap for want of a better way of putting it. Either that or they are selling techniques that are on the wane and on the way out.

Consequently I don’t really promote many products from the so called Gurus and more. For a start I don’t think it’s fair to you Guys. If I promote their products I am just as bad as they are in trying to make money from your need / desire to learn and better yourself! I think that is just crass.

There are still a few people I do listen to and Armand Morin is one of them. Indeed I was fortunate enough to meet him a few years back and saw him do his “E-Mail Copy Clinic” live. So, why do I listen to what he has to say? Well he has made getting on for $100 million online – that’s a lot of money! And secondly, despite the fact his products are on the expensive side – generally they are very good.

They are no nonsense, straight to the point, easy to follow and they give you proper information that works.

On that basis I believe his products, depsite the price tag, can help your business progress.

Is E-Mail Marketing Dead?

Now it’s fair to say that many Gurus have been telling us that email marketing is dead. Certainly my experience tells me it is harder than it was five years ago simply because of the huge volume of spam than now circulates around the Internet. This has lead to “e-mail blindness” – I’m sure you understand this yourself. I know I do. Unless it’s from a name I recognise then it’s the delete button – without so much as a cursory glance.

But, if you understand the psychology behind e-mail marketing it still has a very important role to play in your online business. But you have to be able to stand out from the crowd and also be able to engage your reader in a split second.

Sitting there watching e-mail copy clinic live was an enlightening experience. In fact Armand actually took us inside some of his best e-mail marketing campaigns and some of his most successful mailings. And, he showed us that e-mail marketing is still one of the tools he uses most in his business. Now, of course, you need a decent sized list – but list bulding is another subject totally.

But once you have built your list then if done correctly, e-mail marketing is still a very profitable activity to engage in :>)

Indeed we saw some of the figures from campaigns Armand had run, and he also revealed the triggers he used to make those campaigns so hugely profitable. He showed “real-life” practical examples from inside of his actual business as well as his one of his MAIN online marketing tools. He showed some of his figures and believe me he is STILL making an awful lot from email marketing.

Get Your E-Mails Opened!

He also revealed the unique style of psychology he uses in his email marketing as well as the full methodology he applies to all of his campaigns. And, finally, he revealed a whole raft of great attention grabbing headlines that you can use to make sure your email messages actually get opened.

I’ll be the first to admit that our open rate was absolutely bloody awful before we started applying these clever headlines that just make people “have” to open the emails!

Now, everything we saw live is packaged up into a product from Armand call E-Mail Copy Clinic.

So, (here comes the crass Guru style pitch) if your email marketing campaigns are terminally ill, get yourself along to the e-mail copy clinic for a quick and reassuring cure – today.

Now, you’ve stopped throwing up, seriously…this is what we found from applying these techniques to our business!

  • Open rate up from 3% (I know pathetic wasn’t it?) to 43%
  • Response rates up from 12% to 47%
  • Sales as a direct result of e-mail campaigns up 73% (now that is a stunning figure).

So, if you need help with making your e-mail marketing more effective I do genuinely feel unqiuely placed to comment on this particular product and indeed recommend it. I genuinely believe if you apply what you learn in email copy clinic you can make email marketing a real pillar of your online business. We’ve all heard the saying the money is in the list, but many were beginning to doubt this. I believe this was because of a lack of email technique. Now with e-mail copy clinic you can genuinely get your sales from e-mail marketing back on track!

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