Content Curation For Blog Building

content curation page one curatorContent Curation is another hot topic at the moment, but what exactly is content curation and how does Google view it?

Quite simply content curation is where you take “content” (articles, snippets of articles, video, images and even twitter comments) and add them to your site. Now before you start screaming “duplicate content” the difference with curation is….you attribute the content to the original author and link back to them.

You Must Attribute

Google loves this. Why? Because as far as they are concerned the Internet is all about sharing for everyone’s benefit. But, to get the “Google love” you MUST make sure you attribute the content to the original source. If you simply copy the content, Google will see this as duplicate content and you, as the copier, will be penalised.

We started using content curation about six weeks ago, and we emplyed a tool to do it. The tool is Page One Curator from Paul Clifford. Paul is an ex “commercial programmer” based here in the U.K. I absolutely love his training and I also love Page One Curator because it is so easy to use. And, if you own one of his products you can always get hold of him and talk via his forum. He is connected to his customers and really does deliver in terms of both training and support. There are very few product developers you can genuinely say that about!

If you check out our Planet LED TV site, you’ll see the following curated posts…

Vizio XVT LED TV Range


Latest LG LED TV Review

Both of these pages are doing really rather well in the search engines!

And, the main thing I like about Page One Curator is that is so simple to use. Oh, yes and it does what it says on the box. In fact watch this ten minute video and you can see Paul giving you a quick run through of the amazing functionlaity that you get with Page One Curator.

Fast Tube by Casper

Content Curation – A Real Time Saver

There is no doubt that Lee and I are seeing some success with content creation and Page One Curator is helping us achieve. And the added benefits are that using this tool we generate Google love as well as the ability to create content for our monetized blogs far more quickly than using other methods.

Having said that, we are employing a mix and match approach in that we are about 50/50 unique and curated content on our niche sites. It seems to be working and is certainly saving us a lot of time on the content creation side. The links to Page One Curator are affiliate links, and if you don’t think we have added value, please feel free to search it out on Google and buy direct. Come what may we definitely recommend using this great software as part of your online marketing “arsenal”.

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