All You Need To Succeed…Online

Welcome to APD Internet Marketing with Derek Armson and Lee Brooker.

lee brooker derek armson all you need to succeed onlineOur “strap line” is “all you need to succeed…online”. The reason we say that is because we know how bloody hard it can be.

Whether you are completely new at Internet Marketing, have been going a while or even have a few years “under your belt”, it’s tough and getting tougher.

New Google rules, algorithm updates and high PPC costs mean it’s tough to earn a reasonable living online today. And it’s getting tougher.

Honest Stuff Free

So, with 16 years combined experience and lots of pain and tears behind us, we decided it was time to open Pandora’s Box. We’re not saying this is the silver bullet solution, far from it. This site is about giving you as much free stuff as we can that we believe will genuinely help you on your path to Online success.

We’ll give you as much free “how to” stuff as we have mingled with our own experiences of what does and doesn’t work. We will be straight with you and we will ocassionally recommend a product, but we’ll also tell you if we hear about an absolute “crock of shit” as well – and we’ve got a few on our hard drives!


Firstly there is so much to learn and things change at electric pace – there is a Google algorithm change virtually every day. And, those changes can have a devastating effect on OUR businesses. Oh, yes, we have suffered!


Add to that curve ball the ton of so called “Gurus” out there trying to take your hard earned dollar (or pound, or euro). Quite simply they are NOT interested in your success, just how much money they can extract from your bank account (or credit card).

We will also tell you who we follow so you can follow them too!

Good luck my friend and we will do our absolute best to help you on your journey.











Derek Armson and Lee Brooker